The City of Ember

Have you ever felt like you lived in a dark world, or felt like there's no hope, or if you ever got stuck or lost and was trying to find a way out? Well if you haven't, then this book is perfect for you. Let me explain what this book is about.

Below the ground is a dark city called Ember. Two kids named Doon and Lina are in a chase against time. Why? There's a lot of reasons. First of all, the only person they trust is betraying them. And the lights that keep Ember lit won't last for long.

There are blackouts that you sometimes have at your house, but these are way more serious. Each blackout is getting longer as the days go by. First it was 3 seconds, then 5 then 8, and finally...

I really shouldn't tell you anymore so this is the last thing I'm going to tell you. Doon and Lina get in really big trouble. So, if you like what you read, I recommend buying the book, or all the books like the city of the sparks.