The City Of Ember

Jeanne Duprau

Have you ever lived in a town that had little light,and never knew when the lights would burn out? Well in the city of ember that will come be reality. Have you ever had to work at the age of twelve . Lina and dune had dreams but haven't really though about them. Have you ever have someone you trust steal things with out people knowing?

Have you wanted to be a saveyor of your town? There's some places that are unknown and masiris well then this book is perfect for you. Come read in the missjift in the book city of ember . This is a book about adventure and thinking of all thats around you. Come and read the rest of the serese.

About The Author
Jeanne Duprau was born on january 1, 1944 in sanfrancisco. She always loved to read. S he made her first book when she was 6. She has no children but a newfolk terrier dog. The books contains mystery, darkness, never knowing what's going to happen,and a journey in the unknown. City of ember will leave people wanting to read the rest of her series. There called the city of ember, the people of sparks , the prophet of yonwood, the last is the diamond of darkness.