City of ember
The city of underground city in danger! Slowly losing energy, light bulbs are running out. How would you feel, helpless? Imagine being hungry, the dread of the lights flickering until they finally went out completly, waiting and wondering. Imagine never have seen a wild thing before or a sunrise, and the closest thing to nature you ever got was a rushing river, that has a deadly secret.
When a very important person could be hoarding food for himself? How could you trust anyone?cityember.jbg.jpg
But two people Doon Harrow and Lena Mayfleet dont want to sit around and wait! Doon slowly learns that the mayor has been lieing about the city, its in much worse shape. This story is truly suspenceful, with twists and turns along the way. This story is like a countdown,until it finally clicks. While everyone in ember waits for Doomsday to come Doon and Lena
Jeanne Duprau
solve the mystery to the city. .... This epic adventure will make you burn midnight oil to finish it.
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About Jeanne
Jeanne was born in 1944 in Sanfrancisco, Calfornia. As a little girl she loved to read. Jeanne Duprau has been a highschool english teacher. But today is a freelance writer, with a Terrier named Jockie. She is an ice skater, a bird watcher, a meditator, a house builder, a gardener and a gourmet vegitarian cook. Jeanne says she never ment to be a writer, it just happened. Jeanne now lives in Menlo park, California.....