cityofember.jpgThe city of Ember

Have you ever been to an underground city? Have you ever had to work at the age of twelve? Do you ever wonder what is happening underground? Have you ever seen the city of Ember ? Lina Mayfleet: a twelve year old girl who lives in the city of Ember. She got the job pipe works, (which is making sure there are no leaks in the pipes). Doon got the messenger. Then Doon asks to trade because he wanted generator but the closest way to that was the pipe works. So Lina gets messenger (which is the job she wanted). Doon Harrow: a twelve year old boy. Doon is an engineer. He loves to make things. and loves to fix things. Doon is interested in the generator. Poppy: a young baby, who is Lina's little sister.

Doon is down in the pipe works. Then he notices a tunnel that has been crossed off the map. There was a sign that said DO NOT ENTER, but paying no attention to the sign he entered anyway. It was dark, but he could still see a door in the ceiling. He tried to open it, but he was too short. Interested yet? Well there is more!

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more books In Ember there was a box passed on from mayor to mayor. It would not open until the right time. Then the seventh mayor tried to open it, and it wouldn't budge. So he shoved it in a closet. Years later, Lina's granny starts wondering about it and looking for it. But granny doesn't even know what it looks like. Read the book (It's good).images of the authur

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About Jeanne Duaprau: the Authur of all the city of Ember novels. She spends sevral hours of each day sitting at her desk on the computer. Her quate is "A writer is someone for whom writing is Harder than it is for others this quote inspires her.