Author of Ember books, Jeanne DePrau

The book cover from the first book in the series

The City of Ember

"There go the lights again..." ,thinks Lina Mayfleet , a 12-year-old girl living as a mother for her little sister, Poppy. On assignment day Lina waits on-stage for her job. She really wants the job as messanger. Of course she doesn't get it. She gets pipeworks laborer.... Ugh! Doon Harrow gets messanger. Mad as can be she walks out afterwards. I guess Doon didn't want the job messanger because he traded with me! After this day, Lina and Doon rely on each other on their huge adventure out of Ember. And all along the way, Poppy is right behind them. Do Lina, Poppy, and Doon make it out of Ember or do they get stuck in the unknown regions? Read the book, City of Ember , to find out! Jeanne DePrau , the author of the book, has done a spectacular job, and I can't wait to read the next ones of the series ! About the author: