cityember.jbg.jpgThe city of ember

Have you ever lived in a world underground with lights as the sun that could go out any second? Have you ever had to work when you were only
Jeanne DuPrau
eleven or worry about having little food.
Well eleven year old Leana and Doon have to live in a world like that and worry about running out of food or the lights going out forever read on and it will tell you more about the carecters and what they do in the story

Leana Mayfleet
is an eleven year old girl who works as a messanger she is curious to find out what was in the box and what it means. While Leana is working she meets a strange man named Lupper he has a long neck and it almost looks like he has bucked teeth. Leana has to find her friend Doon to help her find out what the note in the box means.

Doon Harrow is Leana's friend he is also eleven so like his friend Leana he has to have a job. Doon's job is down in the pipe works. Doon wanted the job in the pipe works so he could get close to the generator. Doon is the type of kid who wants to figure out a way to make the generator not make the lights flicker as much.

Lizzy is Leana's best friend who has a job as a store clark and while she works there she meets a guy who she ends up falling in love with she doesn't care wether he is steeling the items you need the most.

Read the book City of Ember and you will never put the book down. You will find out the ones they trust the most is steeling items they need. You will also feel like you are one of the carecter wether your Doon, Lissy, or Leana. This book will make you feel like you are going on the trip with Leana and Doon. Read the book and see how leana and Doon plan to exscape from ember and live in a world that they dont have to worry about the lights going out or running out of food. Find out if they figure out what the note in the box means.

About the author

Jeanne DuPrau is the author of The City of Ember she lives in California were it is easy to grow everything she wants." i'd rather have roses on my table then dimonds on my neck."-Emma Goldman she says. Jeanne has always loved to read. She spends several hours on the computer thinking up sentences she has this quote taped to her wall, "A writer is someone for whom writing is harder than it is for other people."-thomas Mann . Jeanne doesn't write every minute of the day. She spends time in her garden a lot.