cityember.jbg.jpgCity Of Ember . Have you ever been to a city where the lights can't stay on forever. Have you ever heard of a city that is under ground? Have you ever been to the City Of Ember? Doon Harrow and Lena Mafleet are both tweleve years old and live in the city of ember. In the book you will read about what Doon and Lena's life is all about. During the book Doon and Lena are getting their jobs. Lena wants to be a messenger and Doon wants to be an electritions helper but instead he gets messenger and she gets pipeworks. Then Doon and lena decide to switch jobs. The unknown reigons is a wall of trash heaps and heaps of trash. no one knows what's on the other side of the unknown reigons . Do you ever wonder if theres another place or world that you can go to? Read the city of ember and you will find out. You can get the city of ember in your local libraries.unknown reigons

About the Author Jeanne DuPrau
Jeanne DuPrau has always loved reading. Jeanne herself said "I never hesitated If i happend to finish a book, to turn around and read it again, right there!" Jeanne spends several hours at her computer everyday trying to think up sentences. she has this quote taped on the wall...... "A writer is someone for whom writting is harder then it is for other people."