The Author: Jeanne Duprau
The City of Ember Book

The City of Ember
Have you ever felt like there's a way out?
Did you have to go to work at the age of twelve?
Have you ever had your lights flicker and go out everyday?
Do you know someone that has never seen a tree or even the sun?
Well if you haven't or didn't this book is perfect for you! In this book, to save the humans an underground city was built to last 200 years. Now the years are up and Doon and Lina must discover the secret to get out. In the City of Ember the only way to stay alive is to escape the darkness.

About the author: Jeanne DuPrau was born in 1944 in San Francisco, California. She is the author of the book The City of Ember . Also of the other three sequels The People of Sparks , The Prohet of Yonwood , and The Diamond of Darkhold. She lives in Menlo Park, California. She has always loved reading. She spends several hours a day at her computer thinking of some sentences to put in her writing. She has been a teacher, an editor, and a technical writer. She has a dog named Jockey, who is a Norfolk Terrier.

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