City of Ember

Have you ever thought there could be a city under ground. Well in city of ember the city is under ground. But the city was only sopost to last for 200 years but is past that and the box with egres still missing.

Also Lina , a 12 year's old girl and is a messenger. How she got it is cause of Doon also 12 year's old and a pipe worker . Doon is also qurius about elektrisity. Another thing is that someone close to them has betraid them.

The city of Ember is falling apart and is running out of supplies and the lites are startindg to fail and behind the trash hieps is nothing but darkness.......
This book's auther is Jeanne Duprau
her first book was frosty
snow man and she w7639_duprau_jeanne.jpgas 6 when she rought it