cityember.jpgThe city of Ember..........

a large, dreary city lying deep within the earth.

Imagine being hungry, but have no food, the only light you know of is slowly fading, and, the person you would trust the most is betraying you. The people of Ember live this life every day, supplies running low, blackouts getting longer, their world is falling apart but it's much worse than they think....

Doon Harrow belives that, just maybe, if he get a helpful job, like electricions helper, he may be able to find the problem with the generator, but, when he picks messenger out of the bag, he desides to trade with Lina Mayfleat, whom despretly wanted to be a messenger but picked the dreaded pipeworks laborer, so that he might be able to go to the generator to try and save the lights. As Lina runs the streets carrying messages, some more mysterious than others, she discovers secrets, some that would better left unknown......


about the author

as a child Jeanne DuPrau loved to read. She spends several hours a day at her computer thinking up sentences. She had a quote taped to her wall near the computer, this is what it said, "a writer is someone for whom writing is harder than it is for other people"

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