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This is the author of City of Ember (Jeanne Duprau)

Could you ever imagine a world of almost complete darkness? Well, if you can't then you should read this epic adventure about two kids. These kids names are Lina Mayfleet and Doon Harrow, and they live in a city that is underground; it seems to be running out of important supplies that they will soon need. (How would you feel if the only lights you had were slowly fading?) Then they soon find out that someone very important to the city is stealing the supplies all for them self. They discover who was stealing from their city and that adds a piece to their instructions. So, these instructions seem to be very important to Lina and Doon. They need to try and figure out what it says, because Lina's little sister Poppy chewed it up and there are holes in the paper. These instructions lead to a very important secret that they need to find out!

  • LINA MAYFLEET is 12 years old and she is getting her first job because in Ember they give you a job at the age of 12. She gets the job PIPE WORKS LABORER and is not happy because this job is very hard, wet, and cold. Later, Doon trades with her and he has the job she want more than any other! She switches with him and her new job is MESSENGER. She is very different from all the other kids. Mostly she is a confident, courageous, and curious girl. DOON HARROW is a very adventurous boy. He is also 12 and he got the job MESSENGER. His job made him very disappointed. So, he knew that Lina wanted this job. He asked Lina to switch with him and she did! Now his job is PIPE WORKS LABORER and is very happy about this, because he wanted a job that would help the city, and he doesn't think that messenger would really help that much. He tries to help Lina discover the secret of the city and they soon become great friends! This is a great book by Jeanne Duprau and there are books to the series !!

About Jeanne DuPrau

  • she loves to read
  • thinks writing is hard because there are so many words to choose from
  • has a dog named jockey
  • loves her garden
  • she lives in California
  • written five novels, six books of non-fiction, a few essays, stories