Welcome to the Sixth Grade Saugatuck Wiki Homepage!

Ms. Stein's Language Arts Class

In 6th grade at Saugatuck Middle School, we've learned about many topics and have studied multiple subjects revolving around Language Arts. During the months of November and December, we've been studying the genre of Fantasy. We've learned what a fantasy is, written our own fantasy stories, and have read a fantasy together as a class called The City of Ember. While reading this book, we studied the elements of a narrative, including rising actions, conflicts, falling actions, and resolutions. We've compared and contrasted the novel versus the movie, discussing the elements that are similar and those that are highly different. In the last stage of our unit, we've been learning about technology and have decided to create our very own wiki pages about The City of Ember. On the following pages, you will discover information that the students have written and put together on their own, reviewing the book with their own opinions. These wiki pages were created in one week during class time. These are their very first wikis, and they've done a phenomenol job learning how to create wiki pages and podcasts while compiling everything they've learned about fantasies.h-lamplit_street-trans.png

Please enjoy!